Friday, July 3, 2009

The Wilder Side

I have 2 categories of wild in my garden though arguably, most of it looks wild. I have had someone walk by and ask if he might help me by weeding. Well, let's just say that no one can weed my garden but me. My 2 wildest things are my bird/squirrel sown flowers and almost all of my backyard.

This safflower is finally in bloom. It is a birdseed flower. It's not as pretty as sunflowers but I am committed to letting it go to seed. Perhaps I will collect it before it resows itself.
This is part of my cilantro bed. Right now all of it is bolting and going to seed. The advantage of this is that I may adorn my food with flowers and green coriander seeds, milder than mature seeds.
This white queen tomato is flanked by more birdseed flowers, sunflowers which I transplanted when very small to the back.
Here's my Dr. Wyche tomato. I look at this picture and see several problems with my backyard. I think this explains why my front gets more attention. I might do something later on to help this tomato grow better than it will as currently planted. I oughta rip out those redmustards that are bolting. Aw, the warmth of summer!
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frazzledsugarplummum said...

Your garden looks wonderful to me. I especially love the cilantro. I am hoping for masses of it.