Thursday, July 16, 2009


I am less obsessed with my garden now. The most important plants are flourishing and have done so for more than a few weeks. It's getting hot and humid, yet I've had little rain. My water cistern is dry, and has been dry for about a week. I need to water my garden pretty frequently which annoys me. A large percentage of my neighbors are using their air conditioners. I have none. I hear the hum of somebody's air conitioner everytime I go outside now.
I was just sitting outside drinking a beer thinking about the people I see walk by. Some are friendly, some are not. I think the only one I can justify feeling superior to is the woman, just a girl to me, who walks by with her jack russell terrier who is always talking on her cell phone. One day Abe ran across the street growling and hissing at her dog for no reason that I could understand. He was batting at the dog and generally acting like a mad cat. The girl's response was to keep talking on her cell phone and walk faster. That is not how I would act.

My neighborhood is pretty mixed. I don't actually know everyone's story, but there are working class people, mostly that actually, but also students, and a few arty types I suppose. Really I live in a buffer area. A few blocks either way go rough or somewhat upper class. My neighbors are perhaps half white, half other. I like my neighborhood.

So gardening is less high a priority for me now. Everything seems OK. None of my tomatoes have late blight so far. My one feral tomato is showing itself to be a cherry tomato. Hopefully it will be interesting. I grew 6 varieties of cherries last year and it could be any number of cross breeds. I suppose I will know in a few weeks.
I called this post feral because Abe was a feral cat who chose domesticity, to a point, and because of the tomato. Abe gave me a bit of a scare after a fight he had with one of his rivals. He was given a clean bill of health by the vet today.
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