Friday, July 17, 2009


I love monarda. Monarda is a perennial native to north America also known as beebalm and oswego tea. Bees love it, hummingbirds love it and I love it. I have seen various bees sleeping on a monarda flower. There was a mcmansion I worked at years ago that had insanely huge monarda growing 5 feet tall in clumps almost 6 feet in diameter. I had to prune and tie it back while seemingly thousands of bees buzzed around me. I had no fear, bees at this plant are always very happy.

This 1st flower is in the tomato box and is the most red of all the ones that have bloomed so far.
This pink one is the 1st to bloom.
Raspberry is my favorite color. Actually, it seems to be the most popular color in general. This color is usually called 'raspberry wine'. I bought my monarda this spring in a 4 inch pot that had perhaps 8 individual plants in it which I think may have come from seed.
I had a hard time choosing just 4 pictures. I really do love this perennial
This plant likes lots of sun, water, and rich soil. It is also susceptible to powdery mildew. I'll see if I can avoid that. Probably not, but for now they are growing pretty well.
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Diana said...

I have to say how much I enjoy reading and viewing your pages. I always look for your updates on Twitter. I'm particularly jealous because I dont have the room for so much beauty!

Gabrielle Marsden said...

thank you! It surprised me how useful twitter is. I use it to check in on all sorts of things.

my garden is actually pretty small but I pack it in. are those les pauls?

Diana said...

They are Les Pauls but unfortunately not mine. They're a photo of Jimmy Page replicas. I'm just a fan and a bit of a music freak.