Monday, September 28, 2009


I decided to harvest this bull's blood beet today. It's been growing since this spring. I don't know how tough it will be. In the background is my PG hydrangea.
I have let things get out of control. Tomatoes are like that. Yeah, that's my sidewalk. The bright red is my sidewalk crack love lies bleeding amaranth.
The usual suspect is lurking as usual. The other day I saw him devouring a squirrel. Shortly after that he gave me a hungry meow. He's getting fat and must be the most spoiled feral cat ever.
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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Saw A Mantis this morning

But I didn't take pictures. I feel like I overdid that especially the reproductive aspect but really it could have been worse. I now know that it is possible for mantises to mate more than once because I witnessed it, and by that I mean female mantises.

They were all AWOL for about a week until this morning. I am not sure if it was Rasputina or Sylvia but the mantis is female and green. I sorta think it is Rasputina. I still have not seen any eggs though there should be some soon.

Monday, September 21, 2009

I'm on a scarf kick

No pictures today. I am just enjoying seeing my experiments. I'm not efficient but I am still creating some cool stuff. I sorta like knitting it up then dying it.

So far I've made 3 scarves that border on shawls, all tapered. They seem to work well layered in various ways. When it's daylight I'll take some pictures.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Hop Harvest

Todd here is helping me uncover our mailbox. We made the mistake of harvesting some immature cones but there's plenty more.

Our hops were planted specifically for brewing beer. I am sorta amazed by how many people ask me "What do you use these for?" Goes to show that I have been keeping different company than I used to.

Decades ago I worked on an archeaological project with 2 crews, the limp dicks and the fat lushes. I was a fat lush. But yes, I suppose I might actually consume some simply as tea.

Thought I'd link to this, Harvesting Home Grown Hops, from Ben's Home Brew youtube account. Ben is actually local to Pittsburgh. Todd has gotten brewing and winemaking supplies from his Tarentum store.
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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

I'm back

Sorry it's been so long. I just got lazy. Everything is overgrown. I look at photos and think now what part of this should I discuss? A cat picture makes it easy. Here's Abe on the sidewalk.
The bed next to my porch has numerous textures and colors. I can pick out 8 different plants in this image. Well maybe next year the chasteberry will bloom. Nice leaves though.
This eggplant, ghostbuster is my current star. The rest have dropped off their production. The skin is a bit thicker perhaps but it still has a nice flavor.
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