Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Lacinato Kale etc... and Twitter

I am glad I have given this lacinato kale its own large pot. It is a very graceful vegetable. I should however being eating more of it. Lately it's been mostly beet greens. I should freeze some.
I've decided to not do posts with 4 different photos that don't relate directly to each other. I am influenced by twitter. Twitter seems more useful to me as the people I follow often share information with others via links to all sorts of things and I may pick and choose as I skim through the various tweets and click on those that catch my interest. I was initially wary of posting more than once a day but so many people tweet 20 times or more and I still get useful information from them.

I am slightly saddened when I remember growing up with a paper delivered to my front door every morning by a local teenager. I used to read the whole newspaper and absorbed all sorts of information without all the distractions that exist in the way that we get information today. It was in a way more limited in that as I read, if I had a question about something I could not just google it on the spot like I do everyday. Anyway I am on twitter mostly tweeting my blog posts and I am looking for more people to follow.
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