Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Welcome rainy Day

portakal patlıcan - Turkish for orange eggplant. Google is often more helpful if you translate things into the language of their origin. I was looking for recipes specific to Turkish orange eggplants and found "I keep looking for recipes for this weird eggplant but can't find any." posted over and over again! By googling the translation I found some pretty interesting results, none that I have found so far refer directly to orange eggplant, but some really interesting Turkish recipes for eggplant in general. The translations left much to be desired but I got the gist. If I use one with my interpretation and good results I will post.
These plants are growing in the pot with the turkish eggplant. I have lemon gem marigold and some basil.
It's a rainy day and the hops are growing. This is a small sample of the cones swelling up.
You know it id hard for me to resist the cats. Abe is being demanding here. It's hard to say exactly what he wants but he is used to being spoiled by me. Sometimes I love the distortion of my canon powershot. One of these days I'll get something fancy but really, this camera is just so easy and pretty good even with its limitations.
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Diana Lee said...

What will you do with the hops??

Gabrielle Marsden said...

Todd, my live in boyfriend will use them to make beer which I will drink.

Diana Lee said...

Growing your own food in a beautiful garden and beer to boot! You lucky woman!