Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Mint Chutney

OK, so none of these images has anything to do with mint chutney. I've been distracted by raw alpaca fleece but I am not motivated to post in my spinning blog because frankly though I am enthused, I cannot share it as effectively as I can my garden with my beautiful images. If I could share the tactile via the internet that'd be something, but I can't and I am also more self-conscious of it. Instead, I share these pictures. Below, I share a sort of recipe for mint chutney that is delicious.

My monarda is finally starting to bloom. Monarda is in the mint family, so that sorta counts right? At some point I will expound on monarda, but not today.
I am so pleased that this bicolor butterfly bush is finally blooming. I got it is a 3" pot which means it is not as big as most I could have bought at a local nursery. However, I have not seen this variety locally. I got this from Mountain Valley Growers, who remain my favorite place to get live plants. Great prices, selection, service and the best packing I have seen is what you get from them. Did I mention that they are organic too?
These scarlet runners are starting to bloom. they do however look like they have some issue with this spot. There's a few corners in my garden where things don't grow right. Hopefully I can fix this. Anyway, scarlet runners are pretty tough so maybe this won't matter.
This vase came from the street, left as some sort of offering from an anonymous person that I have accepted. I put in a sort of false bottom to retain water so it is sorta self-watering. It seems to be working out OK. It's got asparagus fern, that curly grass and lobelia.
OK, so here's me paraphrasing a recipe I found online. Since I did not follow it to the letter I think that this is OK. In most cases I do not follow recipes to the letter, I just use them as guidelines.

Mint Chutney
2 parts mint
1 part cilantro
lemon or lime juice
fresh hot pepper - you decide how hot and how much
a bit of yogurt
chopped onions,perhaps a quarter or half as much of the cilantro

just put it in a blender add some juice to help it blend,yogurt too.

I think I might make a bunch of this and freeze it. MMMMMMMMM,great way to use some of that extra mint I have.
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frazzledsugarplummum said...

Great vase. You have put a smile on somebody's face by using it. Those scarlet runner beans are such bright and happy looking wanderers.