Thursday, July 9, 2009

First Tomatoes

My 1st ripe tomatoes are from this juliet from one of my wall plantings. You cannot really see the staples and velcro securing the vine to the wall but they are there. Everyday that I look at this I think to myself "God am I clever." I am pleased by the fact that not only am I clever but I am breaking some rules about how you are supposed to grow tomatoes.
Here's the evidence that yes, these are ripening! Juliette is not as easy going as supersweet. They take a little longer to produce and are not the candy that supersweet is but once they get going they are very nice and they are quite pretty, a nice contrast from other cherry tomatoes though I think of juliette as being a very small plum tomato. Already this plant is doing better than the one I had last year.
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Rose said...

Congratulations on the cool tomatoes. I think my first tomato will be ready around Halloween if we don't get a snow first, lol.

Gabrielle Marsden said...

pittsburgh is a good town for tomato growing. hot and humid.

cherry tomatoes barely count. indeed one reason why I grow the is that they ripen much, much earlier than the big gals.

Gabrielle Marsden said...

I can say that if you live in a cool spot a planting like these wall tomatoes might give you an earlier crop. I swear on of my best crops came from a sweltering alleyway devoid of any life but my tomatoes. My sidewalk here gives these guys lots of heat.

frazzledsugarplummum said...

Great photos of your yummy firm tomatoes. I do hope I have similar joy.