Sunday, May 17, 2009

Random photos

I took this swan picture by the light of 2 lightbulbs. It had just rained and the chamomile looked like some fairy thing. I had to doctor the result a bit but I like it. Eh, it's a canon powershot... I mean I guess there might have been something fancy I could have done to take this better but still.
Here's me editing my garden, sorta akin to copy and paste. I decided to stick some more of my birdfeeder sunflowers in back. Surprizingly, they spring back pretty quickly, especially given that it's been so cool and wet. I still have a bunch of millet and other mystery birdseed babies in that I'm not sure about. I blame the squirrels!
I love chives. They make a simple thing really nice. They are one of the 1st green things in the spring, they are super easy to grow, even in pots and their flowers are pretty and edible. I have been known to scope out chives that are slightly differently colored but in this garden I only have lavender.

I understand that in certain SE Asian cities crowded, and I mean crowded beyond what most of us experience that you see lots of little pots full of various onion greens. If you have only a balcony and want fresh produce, start with chives.
Here's the 1st eggplant I planted this year. It is called ichiban, which means "number one" in Japanese. If I had to choose one eggplant to grow it would be ichiban. It's beautiful with black stems, I am rather partial to dark things, and very productive as well as good eating. I tend to harvest eggplant while young which is when they are most tasty and this also keeps the plant productive.

For some reason I have ended up getting this from boxstores, though last year I ordered one from California. My local nurseries spurn this eggplant and instead favor 'little fingers' which is also a similar, nice eggplant, but not as pretty. Its stems are green but the eggplant is similar. Don't get me wrong, I have a little fingers too that I haven't planted yet but, I will plead with my local nurseries to carry ichiban! It is called 'number one' for a reason.
Here's yet another post today. I think what I am doing is worthwhile but currently I have an average of only 10 visitors a day. I hope that this will increase. Anyway, it is my habit to post before I am done editing which means that if you are really keen on this blog, you oughta not click on new posts until they are at least an hour old.

My boyfriend got me set up on which I forward to my twitter account when I am really(I think) done editing a post so if my incomplete posts are annoying, you might do better to follow me on twitter and click on the link. I am gobbism.
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