Monday, May 11, 2009

Porch Plants

I guess blogger does not like to upload more than 4 images at a time so I am turning this into 2 blog posts. Who am I kidding? I could do a post for every picture.

This 1st plant was an impulse buy, mona lavender swedish ivy. I was hoping that it would be attractive to hummingbirds, and it is. Oh yeah, yesterday I finally saw my 1st.
In this corner are some gardening things and an orchid cactus, normally a houseplant, which actually likes low light and lots of moisture. This corner might be good for it.
This heliotrope has a marble mulch. I actually found these in someone's garbage.
This dracula dahlia is in keeping with the black and blue salvia. The mulch is hydroton.
None of these are edible but that's OK. I might have some herbs hanging out on the porch but I haven't decided yet. It's always a work in progress.
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