Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I think my garden is giving me ADHD

There's so much going on with it now that I want to document but I can't blog while I am gardening, unless I do a vlog, then I'd want a robot camera to do my bidding. But that's a whole new bin of worms.

This onion is blooming. I cannot recall what kind of onion it is but I think it's pretty. I have harvested a few onion blooms for garnishes. The little single flowers are great in soup but I have to be careful about bugs. There's some kind of beetle that just loves these blooms. I think it's into its pollen and nectar, it doesn't seem to have eaten the actual flower.

For a long time, one of the only things alive in my garden was the giant red mustard. Now as you see here, it is living up to its name. I've been harvesting 3 a day just to thin it.

I found this box with 2 others in someone's trash. I think that they were used to store some sort of glass but they got damaged by some wood eating insect. This one just screamed PLANT TOMATOES IN ME which I have done since this photo was taken. Being a rather deep box I am trying another experiment which I will explain later if I have success. The other 2 boxes are open sided and I have used them to make raised beds. This is in my neglected backyard. I promise I will blog about this later.

These seedlings are sunflowers that sprouted below my birdfeeder. I transplanted them here next to my porch where their height will not shade any other plants. Also pictured are Acapulco anise hyssop and red raspberry.
That's it for now will check back shortly.
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