Sunday, May 17, 2009

Mostly Blooms and my Berm

It's been cool and rainy, great weather for sleeping and other things. I have a rain collection system I am working on but it like most things I do is sort improvised. When and if I perfect it I will share details that a layman may read and see and apply to their own situation. I will say that in my improvising, that I have been careful about mosquitoes. Those mosquito donuts are available everywhere and should be used, indeed, even a birdbath can get infested with mosquitoes, they need very little water to breed.

We start this with my yarrow which was growing in the grass between the sidewalk and the street. I decided to let it grow wild and bloom this year. Last year I felt compelled to trim it with the grass. It looks pretty but untidy, musch like the chamomile growing in the cracks of the sidewalk but when these blooms pass, I intend to dig up my berm and give it structure so it really looks like I intended it to be wild. Anything to avoid having to mow it!
Another berm improvisation is this sea thrift. It is all but swallowed by the grass and clover. Again, I will try to change this.
There's chamomile all over my garden including, of course the berm. I planted this cabbage here for lack of another spot for it. I sorta wish they sold them in 2 packs but I guess I could have passed this on to somebody. The thing is that most people do not plant as early as me which means I either abuse the seedling by keeping it in its tiny plug or I have to transplant it to a slightly larger pot. I wish people would think more about their gardens in April, really folks, if you do, it usually comes together and grows better too. I might offer discounts for early bird gardeners, yeah I think I might just do that.

The pole are there because my landlord uses the detached garage in back to hold construction material so he drives down my driveway pretty often and kept running over things I planted here including my crocuses! Maybe he's gotten the hint and I'll take this down. I did widen the entry by a red brick and put a large cobble stone down as a barrier that can be felt as it is run over.
This next picture belongs in the dew post but is here. Yes I have strawberries. No, they're not on the berm. This is the 2nd year so they should be and certainly look more productive than they were last year. Maybe I should plant some of these in the berm? Most people who walk their dogs sorta avoid leaving anything behind here. Atctually, most dogowners clean up in general but there's always one who... OK, no strawberries on the berm.
Well, I sorta wish this blog wasn't so scattered but when you consider the structure of my garden, this makes sense.
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