Friday, May 29, 2009

Ladybug Larvae

If you see something like this in your garden, don't be alarmed. They are your friends. I have seen a lot of these guys in the past few days. I think they like chamomile or maybe they are easier to see on it, but it is heartening.

I also think that like adults, they like to take breaks from eating pests to smell the flowers. Actually I think it is enjoying some nectar.

This guy I found on my shirt yesterday so I put it on this aphid infested flower. The 1st thing it did was to climb up to where it is in this photo.

This 2nd image is a 2nd larva. It too seems to like the flower a lot too.
This final image was previously posted a week ago. It could be these larvae's parent. The chamomile was just opening up.
What a week can do!
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frazzledsugarplummum said...

So that's what chamomile looks like. I want some. I have read further and see it is prolific but I can handle that.

Linda said...

Hi, this is "tribal" from ravelry. Great photos here. I hadn't noticed slugs on my chamomile last year but will have a careful look around next year. I read an article about how planting a healing herbal garden for the bees would help with the die off (on Herbal Campanion site) so I wonder if the lady bugs and larvae are not also drawn to healing herbs for some beneficial reason.