Thursday, June 11, 2009

Things that fly

I really want to know what this insect is. It was on my ichiban(oops, not ichiban, actually my turkish orange eggplant) yesterday and today on a sunflower. Be it friend or foe? I have to know!
Strauzia longipennis
sunflower maggot fly
I had an assist from an internet acquaintance. The site that confirmed it is BugGuide.Net
I found more detailed info about this variety of fruitfly here, North American Insects and Spiders, via wiki. Gotta love the internets! Instant info.

Guess it's bad but it's pretty.
I finally have documentation of hummingbird visits. They come by pretty frequently now, every few minutes, at least at dawn and dusk, rather than once every few days. It is true that salvia guaranitica is a hummingbird magnet. They LOVE it. I think during the day they get scared of people. There is a lot of foot traffic on my street and next door a 6 unit apartment building whose entrance is 15 feet(5 metres for you metric types) from my front door.
I've been obsessed. Last night, as dusk set in and this morning at the crack of dawn I staked them out. The 1st picture is from this morning, the second from last night. I think I used a flash for both.
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HennaLion said...

Cool! I'm in the city right now at my in-law's place and they have a hummingbird feeder right outside the glass patio door - it gets regular visits from a family of Tiny hummingbirds.

I just finished seeding a handful of different flowers that hummingbirds go for out at my land - hopefully I'll keep seeing them there, too!

frazzledsugarplummum said...

Beautiful and that's for the hummingbird not that other yellow pretty. I could do without those. Well done catching photographs of the elusive hummingbird. While I have hundreds of some tiny bird living in my shrubs become trees I am only now starting to attract birds to the garden. I suppose I will be wishing otherwise when the cherries fruit. lol