Tuesday, June 16, 2009

One more tarp post

I do love my tarp. In this case I have some yard debris wrapped up tight. The load here was much bulkier before I packed it in here.
I decided to post this picture of lasagna to show how I load up my yard debris. Pasta is to tarps as tomatoes, meat and cheese is to yard debris.

You cannot see it here, but there are 6 layers of yard debris between 7 tarps, including my super-tarp. Why am I making such a big deal out of this? Because loading up your bed lasagna style saves a lot of time and energy, both in loading but more so in unloading. It also makes it easier to really pack it in.

I'll just pretend that most readers can figure this out without an extensive explanation. I impressed a number of landscapers, especially those working on a smaller scale like myself when they see how fast I unload at the dump, and all by myself too. I just pull each tarp out one at a time, each with a manageable load rather than one heavy one.

This last photo is from a previous post showing how I spread and secure my tarp when getting a load from a backhoe. For yard debris, I am not this elaborate. I don't use the blue cab tarp shown here and I only use 2 bungee cords though really i don't need any, it just keeps things in place in case the wind blows. What is pretty key here is packing down each layer, something that is harder to do without tarps.
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frazzledsugarplummum said...

Now that's a sensible.."Why didn't I think of that", idea. Those other landscapers must have been men! I can see where that would be much more effective for loading, transporting and especially in unloading. Much safer as well. Cool.
Thanks for sharing the idea.

J said...

This is great Gab, thanks for putting this up. I feel too wimpy to actually LOAD the cart in the layers and don't know how to get the folks with forklifts to give me tarp layered bits with the forklift but there are gonna be projects where I shovel out manure with a friend maybe I'll use this plan for that funfest. Jenn

Gabrielle Marsden said...

Jenn, actually when I get a load from a backhoe, I do this, what I call the final tarp solution.

Yard debris is something accumulated bit by bit, which makes layering make sense. I suppose if you drove up to a stable and had to hand shovel it that would be one thing but with a backhoe that just isn't cost effective.

Gabrielle Marsden said...

sugar plum,
I guess it is actually safer, in some ways. I didn't even think of that. A lot of landscapers do put a top tarp on top of their stuff but it is true that because I have a bottom tarp, too it's faster and easier to secure.

frazzledsugarplummum said...

A tarp on top is always essential...I was thinking more in terms of off loading. Seen a couple of nasties where people get in the back trying to untangle everything. Your method would be so much more efficient. Love the comparison with lasagne.