Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Catnip Protection Part II

I recently expanded my catnip dome. In this 1st image, the new catnip cage is barely visible unless you enlarge the picture by clicking it. I just have to show you how my whole wall here is progressing, especially the sunflowers, though it looks as though they have a blight.
Anyway, here's the old dome. As you can see, the catnip has been bitten down and there is a good bit of cat hair on the dome from the cats going crazy getting as much nip as they can. It was time to give the nip more room to grow because the cats were not going to.
I simply extended the space by attaching the dome to a short wire fence. In doing so, I made certain that it was VERY securely attached.
Based on the primary color of the fur on the dome, the Cheddarhead seems to indulge on catnip the most. It is his habit to go straight to the nip after I feed him. Must be tough dealing with a lady trying to tame him.
Anyway, so far it seems to be holding up. See Catnip for more info on how I 1st planted this catnip.

Also this. There wasn't enough spare catnip left for me to spoil Sally.
One reason I expanded the cage is that Sally prefers her catnip fed to her. She doesn't like getting her paws dirty by harvesting it herself. This video below, filmed a few years ago when Sally weighed 6 or 7 pounds more than she does now. She likes it when I 'fight' with her while I give her catnip. I rub it on her face and tickle her hind paws. Really, she loves it!

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frazzledsugarplummum said...

Sally is too gorgeous and so funny when you were teasing her with the catnip. I really must try and get some of that. I have asked around but no luck yet. The island state that I live on has a no plant no fruit import policy to try and protect its agricultural market so I can't get something from the mainland. The garden looks lovely.

Candycat said...

LOVE your idea about how to protect your catnip plant! I've planted several BEAUTIFUL healthy plants only to discover them covered w/fur & literally mauled to death in the ground. Never seen such destruction to a lush healthy plant! So, I've tried keeping it wet thinking that would discourage the cats, but no, I see that's not workin' either so I will do what you've done! Glad to find your page. May you always have kittys in your world!