Monday, June 1, 2009


Overall, I do not want this to be a political blog, but I feel compelled to simply forward a couple news stories about Monsanto that I came across today.

This morning I listened to Morning Edition on NPR and heard this story, In India, Bucking The 'Revolution' By Going Organic Recently, I watched a documentary about Monsanto, The World According to Monsanto that horrified me. In one part they documented Indian farmers committing suicide with Monsanto pesticides. I found this documentary via Online Documentaries 4 U, an excellent resource for online documentaries.

I was checking up on Rose Marie Nichols Magee's blog and read her comments about a story local to her, GMO Beet Roots Busted.

These 2 stories make me feel that there might be a turn for the better in agriculture in the very near future. I'm sorry to say that I do boycott Monsanto and GMOs and I believe that you should too.

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