Friday, February 27, 2009


I just wanna show my method of layering my compost. I use the newspaper method. I like this because it is neat and free.

1. Here's what the bucket looks like when I open it. You see a soggy newspaper. I use that instead of wheatbran which is usually used. It's just plain newspaper. Some people inoculate the paper with stuff, but I choose not to bother. See the blog below to see how this is a risk.

2. Here's my kitchen scraps. There's lots of coffee grounds and in this batch some of my spent forced flower bulbs. There's also egg shell and often moldy cheese, shrimp shells and other mystery things from the refrigerator. The most risky thing I have put in this bucket is a whole turkey carcass, I've done this twice. If this decomposes quickly I will know that I am a success.

3. Here's some fresh newspaper. I guess 2 layers work better than one. This makes the next step less messy.

4. Here's me packing it down with my fist. Bokashi is primarily an anaerobic method of composting. packing this in reduces air pockets and also allows for more room to pack in more stuff. When I am done packing it down, I put the lid back on and I wash my hands.

In my house we generate a bout a layer a week. This varies quite a bit. I think it takes about a month and a half for us to fill up this bucket.

Aside from filling it up, every other day or so I check the bottom bucket for liquid. This I empty into my bokashi juice bottle.

See the bokashi link below for more on my trials and theories of bokashi. And PLEASE COMMENT!!! I'd love to have feedback on this!

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