Monday, February 2, 2009

Admitting things

First of all I feel guilty for not updating this in a while. I really don't have much to say or do landscaping-wise but I promised to post pictures of my recycled lightbulb packaging bulbs. They have bloomed and are mostly faded now but I still have other blooms. I am quite partial to my thalia narcissus, lovely small white blooms.

It is not longer leaf season but I haven't changed that.

It's still winter. It's been a pleasant winter considering and I think it's OK for me to slack for a while.

I will admit that I am quite pleased to see Obama as president. The superbowl game last night made me very happy. I don't really own anything black and gold which is unusual here, but I love the Steelers. They represent some old values. I don't need to talk about it here but the approach to winning is seeing the big picture. Tomlin was hired as a coach who is going to be around for a long time and what he has done is just incredible. He had very high but unrealized potential not to long ago and I gotta hand it to the Rooneys for seeing that. I also admire the Steelers because a lot of them actively campaigned for Obama, very early on. I see them all as seeing the big picture and just doing things right.

It really was an amazing game last night.

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