Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Summer Artichoke

I'm kinda obsessed with artichokes. Here it is almost winter and after looking at what's outside I decided I oughta look back at this past year because I took lots of pictures. So here's an artichoke that I think was eaten. You might noticed 2 smaller ones in the background.

I ordered 3 bareroot 'amethyst artichoke' plants. I would have preferred to wait until spring for that but I haven't seen many available. The pictures I have seen online of purple artichokes are so beautiful. I guess I tend to be drawn to cooler colors in general.

At any rate, when I get my plants, I'll have no choice but to store them for planting in the spring. I guess that there isn't much of an artichoke market in the north, at least not yet.

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