Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Between the holidays

Here's some kale that I think survived the last good freeze. Seems like a few die each time it gets below 10˚F. I took the liberty if saturating the images.

So I have a few Russian kale survivors and a few lacinato kale survivors.

Doesn't that Russian kale look luscious? OK, I admit it's not that vibrant looking but the light has been so gray I couldn't resist.

It is growing on the driveway in a pocket that gets extra warmth I guess. I hope people walking by appreciate it's greenness. My street gets lots of foot traffic and people often stop to complement my crazy garden. I really try to give them something to smile about.

This lacinato kale is not as visible from the street. The leaves bent down are frost bit and dying. If I were thrifty I suppose I'd use them before they are inedible but I'm not.

I have definitely oversaturated this picture but what the heck?

I took a few pictures that show that my cilantro amazingly has survived several frosts but it's so small it's not worth picking, or posting.

And finally I have a picture of Sally the fat cat. She gave us an awful scare by turning yellow because she had gotten picky about her food and lost weight to rapidly, stressing her liver.

This meant a 3 day stay at the vet followed by us having to force-feed her for a week til she stabilized. Here she is strutting her stuff on the driveway.

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