Tuesday, January 6, 2009

New year.

I've been at this blog for a few months and added a free google thing that tracks lots of stuff. From that I've figured out that I have few regulars. Two from Texas that I think are friends. Somebody from outside Philly, probably somebody, perhaps a few in Pittsburgh itself, though that's harder for me to figure because I visit this page a lot myself, especially when I am editing. There's also someone in the North Hills of Pittsburgh that checks in once in a while too.

That's not much, but not bad for something I haven't properly promoted. Overall I think I have had about 100 unique visitors, well maybe 200, tops.

Yesterday I had 2 visitors who searched on 'amethyst artichokes'. I figure that they are wondering about their order from Pleasant Valley like I am. I'm sorry to say I gave them no reason to come back. I think they were from California.

I'd love it if somebody outed theirself a little by leaving an inocuous comment but it's not required. I suppose if I had 100s of followers I'd be less curious about you individually. We'll see where this is a year from now.

The plain photo above is a front yard plot freshly planted with violas and cabbage. I had cleared it of numerous weeds as well as a weed tree, tree of paradise, to be exact. I had yet to spread any compost. Looks pretty plain doesn't it? It was quite an improvement over what was there though.

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frazzledsugarplummum said...

I don't get many visitors to my blog because it is mainly for family/friends and quilting forum friends. But then I don't promote it either. Another thing is... the growing sites I visit on Youtube are mainly about growing vegies or flowers but rarely the two mixed to any extent accept the odd companion planting. Certainly nothing to the extent you do or I hope to do. Still the idea is gaining ground.