Sunday, May 23, 2010

Dividing Lemongrass

I keep a few things through the winter.  It doesn't mean I take great care of them.  Here is some lemongrass, sadly unwatered.  It is barely alive and yet it is alive.  Lemongrass is tough.
What to do?  First a haircut.
Then I cut it out of the pot.  Yes, the roots get dense plus it is sharing the pot with some he shou wu, a plant that annoys me.

Now I cut the stalks apart.  The soil is almsot bone dry which makes this easier.
I split it in 9.  Some stalks actually have 2.  This is in my earthbox, a selfwatering planter that might be idea for lemongrass which is happiest with lots of water, sun, and heat.  I have a feeling this will be a good year for it.


Cecile said...

We should not only have flowers in our garden but herbal plants, too. The good thing about lemongrass is that it's not only a herbal medicine but it is also used in cooking.

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Matt said...

Thanks for the visual tutorial. I'm splitting mine this weekend to give to friends.