Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Pittsburgh is in the news because of a shooting. I am a friend of a friend connected to this like just about everyone else in Pittsburgh. He worked for a large law firm that has a partner that was/is a client of a landscaper I worked for. My connection is actually closer than that, but irrelevant. I found myself having the same morbid curiosity that many have. I read his blog, and this is the one quote that stood out to me, "Unfortunately I talked to my neighbor today, who is very positive and upbeat. I need to remain focused and absorbed COMPLETELY. Last time I tried this, in January, I chickened out. Lets see how this new approach works." Outside of the misogyny and loathing of others, his real problem seems to be a lack of any meaningful connection to anybody.

I know that this is off-topic but I'll make a stretch and say I feel deeply connected to a few human beings, a few animals and a lot of plants. I miss my plants and animals very much right now. I feel it is important to connect to others with whom I am not well acquainted with on occasion. There was a man last year who chatted with me quite frequently who admired my garden. He told me quite often that he was near death. I always tried to talk as leisurely with him as possible, not knowing his whole story but feeling that I, and my garden even more so, enriched his life. You never know when a small kindness might actually save a life.

Guess that sounds a bit kooky. Anyway, here's an under-represented plant, an orchid cactus. It grew a lot in the last year.
Here is Abe who I miss a lot. He's like my 2nd boyfriend.
And of course her royal highness, Sally.
I will see them all again soon.

I mentioned a partner of a law firm in the 1st paragraph. I just want to say that I always loved his garden. I never met or spoke to him but if I did I would heartily shake his hand. I do not feel that way about most of people I landscaped for in the past. Many I am glad not to know. If I were fabulously wealthy, then my garden might be something like his and I am pretty certain that he put a lot of his own sweat into making it what it is despite his high profile existence. Most gardens have shadows of the the spirits that make them.
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Diana Lee said...

Lovely thoughts and couldn't agree with you more. Enjoy your vacation and thanks for the Sally picture. She's a beauty!