Saturday, November 8, 2008


This is the 1st thing I see in the morning. That's a lemon rose geranium that lived outside when it was still warm.

I love scented geraniums. They were really popular about 100 years ago but could I imagine see a resurgence.

In the book, A History of Kitchen Gardening by Susan Campbell, she describes how fresh apples were placed in baskets lined with rose geranium leaves. That by the way is a pretty cool book. It tells of old greenhouses heated many ways including by hot composting manure!

Next we have some lemongrass, which also lives outside when it's warm. I really have enjoyed this. It's beautiful and grows fast. Below it I planted he shou wu, which was an impulse buy. I guess it's pretty neat but I don't love it.

The cat pictured below likes to eat this lemongrass, now that I've moved it inside. I just started some wheatgrass for him to munch on. I think he sorta likes doing things that he knows will annoy me.
I started this post when there was way too much going on for me to finish it. Not that it really matters but I usually have a general idea or a post, usually based, since I do want this to have lots of eye candy, on a photo or 2 or 3. So I post the photos then I edit my post.

I can't see what it actually looks like until after I publish it which is annoying. I mean, I am a visually oriented person, this is true for my gardens and it's true of this blog, I'm picky.

So the final picture here is me not really awake holding Abe who obviously wants me to put him down, which I did. In the background are some tomato plants that I really should dispose of but haven't yet.

You have an idea of what I see every morning. The lemongrass has had a few blades dangerously dangling over my bed so I've trimmed them, but it's nice feeling like I am living in a benevolent jungle. It's one of my pleasures.

I'm going to add one more thought. My last post was before our election and I am really happy that Obama won the election. I hesitate to say anything political but I suspect that most people with my gardening lean are left of center, though if anything, Obama is more of a return to center rather than a turn to the left.

I won't argue with anyone about this but one thing that drove me crazy in my landscaping past is the conservative wealthy people I dealt with, not that they were mean, but they just seemed so removed from LIVING. I had some stepford wives, you know what I mean?

This is why I should only talk about happy, non controversial things, and landscaping. But since on this post I've already dug myself a hole, I'll refer you folks to an article by Michael Pollan, Dear Mr. President-Elect, I am warning you that this article is 9 pages but I think I agree with it. It was published almost a month before the election so it could be to either McCain or Obama, though I have only heard Obama acknowledge reading it.

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frazzledsugarplummum said...

Thanks for the link to the Susan Campbell book. I have placed it on hold at my local library. I look forward to reading it.

lol My cats love to eat lemon grass too. They don't get outside very often and it is one of the first things they make for. They do have their own growing grass pot.