Sunday, October 19, 2008

Podcamp Pittsburgh

YesterdayI went to Podcamp Pittsburgh and I did get a lot from it but I am sorry to say I was not in the best physical condition to get the most out of it.

On Friday I spread 3 cubic yards of compost on a front and side yard. It took longer than expected though I was asked to sorta double dig a very clayish slope. Anyway, after 5 and a half hours labor, I really wanted to sleep in Saturday but Todd (My live in boyfriend) dragged me out. I could be at podcamp right now but alas, I don't feel ready for it. After the intro plus 2 classes I wanted to go home. Nothing scheduled at one was really right for me so I went to a video class that was too technical for me principally because I knew the speaker. He was quite engaging and while I think adding video would help get my word out (I think I might be entertaining, informative and easy on the eyes) I'm not ready, and I'm really not ready to spend 2,500 bucks on a camera.

Next was analytics, and I did get something out of that but I seriously would have slept in my seat if I didn't feel guilty about the dozens of more people without seats. This really is NOT a reflection of the instructor. Like I said, I got something out of that, I intend to use some sort of analytics to see what kind of traffic this blog generates. I have an idea of what I want to do with this blog but I haven't gotten to stating what that is. One primary goal is to keep this from being an 'embarassing blog'. I honestly have a few of those which I will NOT share with you.

Anyway, in the interest of being fair, I'll give a shout out to
  • Cynthia Closkey, her session, Intro to Blogging, was easy for me to get, with Mike Woycheck of Pittsburgh Bloggers
  • Justin Kownacki and a bunch of other bloggers, Success! (Blogs, shows, podcasts) this also was quite helpful
  • Dr. Dave Mansueto, Video Compression Best Practices,this was over my head but having known Dave from his fabulous variety shows in the past and not being drawn to anything else in that timeslot, I went anyway.
  • Andy Quayle, Using Analitics, yes, Andy I almost fell asleep in your class but it's not your fault.
Maybe next year I'll go and get more out of this. If I do I will make sure that I am not physically exhausted.

OK, now how do I add links? Thank you Todd! Almost forgot,

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arzewski said...

I went to the session Memory Matters, how to make things stick. Really nice experiment with remembering, story telling techniques (This American Life, by Ira Glass), branding, commercial ads 30 seconds long. So, I guess Homer 3000 years ago was a born storyteller that didn't take a class at MIT on human memory but knew intuitively on how to captivate audiences...