Wednesday, January 13, 2010


It is snowy out. I have changed to a mac instead of PC and everything looks different. I wonder if my old computer was dim. Anyway, this is the green in my life right now.
This goblet has Thalia narcissus. I forced these last year too. I actually forced a lot of them last year. This winter I didn't go as crazy with it.
Here's one of the garden plants, lemongrass, I am wintering indoors. Some are out while others are in the basement in the cold room.
This is a narcissus, unknown variety and a hyacinth. I really like this hyacinth vase. And this bulb has cooperated by rooting nicely. We'll see how well it blooms. I'm always on the look out for hyacinth vases at thrift stores. This one is unusual.
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leah said...

i love these pictures! every year (well, this year and last) i tell myself i am going to force some of these flowers, inspired by you. alas, i never do.

HARE said...

I like that long root.

Nancy Sutton said...

Hi Gabrielle,

I'm here because your Mom mentioned 'dissolving chicken bones' as we stood on the street corner 'campaigning' for peace :)

Looking forward to learning a lot here - currently making up my list of 'edible/nutritious' shrubs and trees.